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India and Printmaking - Guest blog by Jai ‘Zaiu’ Ranjit

"I’ve made it a point to share this information in workshops of my own on lino and woodcut printmaking regarding the safe use of tools to ensure that anyone who decides to begin a journey into this beautiful world can do so with a little less fear and a lot more confidence."

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Artist of the Month September 2017: Reinaldo Gil Zambrano

I'm excited to introduce you to Reinaldo Gil Zambrano, a professional printmaker residing in Spokane, Washington. His incredibly intricate relief prints are something truly to behold. I had the pleasure of interviewing him recently about his artwork and process. He is our Artist of the Month for September 2017.

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Featured Artist: Jonpaul Smith

Jonpaul Smith, a professional artist and printmaker from Ohio that I had the pleasure of interviewing this month. He resides in Cincinnati where he creates unique relief prints using found objects. Below, you can read his full interview...

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