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Artist of the Month May 2018: Max Mahn

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Max Mahn, AKA: TWIN HOME, from Twin Home Prints. He's one of the best poster illustrators out there, and one heck of a screen printer! His truly impressive work promotes bands and events, as he is a master at gig posters! I had the opportunity to interview him and he is our May 2018 Artist of the Month…

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The Aquatint Process- A Step By Step Breakdown by Joseph P. Gerges

Creating an Aquatint is an inherently complex process due to the fact that you are more or less creating an image blindly. The term “Aquatint” refers to an intaglio technique that utilizes a myriad of materials from rosin to spray paint in order to create a tonal range on a plate. This etching technique allows a printmaker to…

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