Artist of the Month March 2018: Luisa Fernanda

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I'd like to introduce you to Luisa Fernanda, a printmaker out of Spain. Her work is very visually striking, and cuts straight to somewhere deep inside. I had the pleasure of interviewing her this month, and she is our Featured Artist of the Month for March 2018. Read her full interview below:

Can you tell me about your art?

As an artist, I have been researching how loving someone changes us and makes us rethink what we are. In recent years my work has basically revolved around love and interpersonal relationships; Their methods and ways they develop.

When I speak of love, I mean how I understand that activity, a feeling that does not have a fixed method and that can be generated from different points of view to reach the conclusion that it is impossible to think that it is a unique concept. Love already encompasses various aspects of life and has different conceptions.

My personal experiences have marked me in such a way that my work is closely related to them, all these series of interests a close field that belongs to a close environment that is placed in my strictest privacy, concerns, and interests that affect me personally, but also the interest arises in how people feel and live in love today.

I am interested in the creation of visually poetic images through engraving that allow us to give another meaning to situations that mainly deal with the intimate aspects of being in love.

How did you get started with Printmaking?

I'm an Art Student. I first encountered printmaking while studying at the university. My favorite technique is printmaking with linoleum. I feel very comfortable and I found my style there. I started three years ago, in college. I took a printmaking class and immediately fell in love with this technique. Today, it is still the way in which I materialize my art.

What is the thing that you love most about Printmaking?

It is a multifaceted medium. It allows me to experiment, create new things from a matrix, which makes each engraving unique and unrepeatable.

What is the thing that you struggle with most in your Printmaking?

The most difficult thing is the whole process of making a print, but I have learned to be patient and do everything at its own pace so that the result is what I am looking for.

Can you tell me a bit about the featured pieces you provided?

It is about my work and research done in the university. My theme is around love and what happens in each individual when you love. I seek the duality between light and darkness.

How can people find you online?

Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?

I'm 22 years old, I'm an arts student and although it has been complicated, I know that with effort and dedication I will be able to achieve many things.

Wrapping Up

A big thank you again to Luisa Fernanda for interviewing with us! I'm excited to see the wonderful work she's producing! It really is quite enlightening and deep.

Thank you, our readers, for taking time out of your day and sharing in Luisa's art and perspective! Please leave a comment with your thoughts and get a discussion going! This is a wonderful opportunity to bring some minds together!

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