Artist of the Month September 2017: Reinaldo Gil Zambrano

I'm excited to introduce you to Reinaldo Gil Zambrano, a professional printmaker residing in Spokane, Washington. His incredibly intricate relief prints are something truly to behold. I had the pleasure of interviewing him recently about his artwork and process. He is our Artist of the Month for September 2017.

Artist Statement:

Reinaldo Gil Zambrano found inspiration studying the common aspect of the cultural identity and iconography from the wrongly named "Third World Countries". Gil's work studies the universal idea of home and its influence on individual personalities.

Reinaldo, what is your preferred medium?

My favorite medium right now is relief printing.

How did you get started with Printmaking, and what is your favorite aspect?

A friend, Tim Han, showed me some prints and gave me my first carving tool the first day of graduate school. I've been carving ever since. My favorite aspect is how rewarding it is to see an idea evolve to its final printed form.

What is it that you struggle most with as a printmaker?

Deciding what idea will make it to the wood. This is always a struggle.

What is it about Printmaking that sustains you?

I love learning new processes and sharing my experience with others. Teaching and making, have helped to satisfy both. I always enjoy making and drawing since I was a kid so I just continue doing it.

You've shared some work for our readers. Can you tell me a bit about the pieces?

These pieces explore the general idea of home through the study of memories. I decided to celebrate nostalgia by recreating the beauty of a sunset at a humble kitchen.

Also, in the form of a bowl of sup (Pizca Andina) which bring back childhood memories of a place where I was once a child.

At the same time, the magic that a storyteller while crafting and sharing amazing tales based on ordinary characters from daily life.

How can people find you online?


Instagram: @rgzprints

Facebook: Art by Reinaldo Gil Zambrano

Wrapping Up:

Thank you SO MUCH to Reinaldo for taking the time to interview with us! I absolutely love the detailed work you do!

Thanks to our readers as well, who have read this far! Please leave a comment with your thoughts and get a discussion going! This is a wonderful opportunity to bring some minds together!

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