Here We GO!

Hey there! I'm Robert. I manage the Instagram account @JustPrintmaking.

Ever since starting the account, I've had a goal to bring exposure to both emerging and established artists that focus on print.

I love Printmaking of all sorts. Relief, Intaglio, Lithography, Screenprinting, drypoint...if it prints, and looks amazing, I'm interested.

So, with the account approaching 1,000 followers, I wanted to expand this adventure of mine a bit. I'm doing that by starting a blog site!

Here, I plan to post about all things printmaking. I plan to feature emerging artists with focuses in print. I plan to introduce new and old techniques and styles to those interested. And, I plan to have fun while doing so!

To get things started, and help pay for site hosting, I want to introduce a T-shirt that I designed and plan to print! I'm open for pre-orders now, and will begin production when I get 20 shirts ordered, or by 3/1/17, whichever comes first. So, if you're interested in supporting this venture, and love printmaking, please order a shirt. (Sample Pictured below)

Thanks, all! 

More to come.....

Keep Printing!